9 Outrageous Ideas for Your Blinds and Shades

Though few people still prefer to install curtains for their windows, modern homes are now moving on to blinds and shades for a classic finish. However, with growing competition in this industry, there are different types of blinds and shades that are available to choose from. Nevertheless, what is important is that what you must choose something that complements the interiors of your home, as blinds are the next big thing that creates a fantastic impact on your homes after paint. Some of the common blinds and shades that you can find at the stores are listed here.


Vertical Blinds - These types of blinds are commonly available and most widely used, as they are known for its durability and light control. Besides, what makes these blinds stand out as a preferred option is that they are very easy to clean hence, saving time. Check out some of the vertical blinds at https://www.makemyblinds.co.uk/blackout-vertical-blinds.html.


However, for those who are looking for something similar to the vertical blinds but offer the same looks and quality, there are alternatives that are quite comparable to the vertical blinds. The difference is that they are more seamless with no space between the slats hence, controlling light better than regular vertical blinds.


Pleated Shades - Similar to the design of a regular hair plait, pleated shades have sharp edges and are usually made of cloth type material, which folds when it is pulled up and unfolds when it is pulled down.


Roman Shades - Somewhat similar in operation to the pleated shades, roman shades fold as they move up and roll down evenly. These shades are available in different colours hence, can complement any room with any decor. Moreover, with correct installation these shades can give a taller effect. One disadvantage to this type of shades is that they are difficult to clean though there are some kinds that can be machine-washed.


Exterior Shades - Though the name suggests for outdoor purposes, these shades are great when it comes to lowering the internal temperature of the house by completely blocking the sun's rays from entering in. They look good on large windows or porches.

Aluminium Blinds - The term aluminium itself says it all. The blinds are known for its durability and most suitable for controlling the light ambience of the house.


Wooden Blinds - These come in different varieties such as the bamboo, maple, birch and more. Nevertheless, a point of concern here is that you need to ensure that these are protected and maintained at all seasons. You might even have to carry out some sort of pest control treatments to protect the material from damage. A quick tip here is that, when you install the wooden blinds such as bamboo blind few inches below the ceiling level, it produces a much taller and grander effect.


Cellular Shades - These shades resemble that of a honeycomb with its diamond-like shaped cell and hence, it is famously known as the Honeycomb shades in the market. These shades are made from solid yet lightweight colourful cloth-like material. Due to its availability in solid colours these too can be used to control the light in the room it is fitted.


Solar Shades - The name spells out two important functions that these shades are expected to do. First is to control the light entering the room and second is to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the room. Such shades are more suitable for open living spaces. They are commonly known as Roller shades, as the mode of operation is to roll up without the help of any rope to pull it up. They also come in styles, which allows the shades to move from one side to the other rather than the up-down movement.


Sheer Shades - No doubt, it is made of sheer cloth, which forms the connection between each blind. The purpose of the sheer cloth in between the blinds is that you are allowing some amount of light to pass through the shades to liven up the room. Hence, it is appropriate for rooms that require natural light such as the kitchens, bathrooms and even for external settings.


Before going blinds and shades hunting, keep in mind three important things - the looks you want to maintain, your privacy and how much light you want to control in each room. Thus, with the allotted budget and room setting, you can mix and match different kinds of blinds for your home for a grand setting.